Video Mashup Of Sarkodie’s ‘Trumpet’ And Valley View University’s ‘Promo Video’ Goes Viral

In a funny development to the Valley View University unsanctioned promotional video saga, Ghanaian hip hop recording artist, Sarkodie, has posted a mashup of the now infamous video with his own ‘Trumpet’ track that featured Teephlow, Medikal, Strongman, Koo Nktakra, Donzy and Pappy Kojo.

The video emerged on social media yesterday and it has since gone viral even to the extent of catching Sarkodie’s certainly undivided attention.

Earlier today, Sarkodie posted the video to his 1.2 million and 1.16m Instagram and Twitter followers which he captioned “Ah”, probably in bewilderment at the mashup video, respectively.

Currently, the 20 seconds video has received over 17,000 plus views and still counting, it had over 300 comments on Instagram. Meanwhile, it has been retweeted 420 times on Twitter.

The viral video features Sarkodie’s hook on ‘Trumpet’ and the trumpet playing man in the unsanctioned Valley View University promotional video.

In the video, the trumpet playing man in the university’s music video is featured after Sarkodie delivers his lines; “Mese obiaa ambɔ m’aba so a me a mɛbɔ me trumpet. Mese obiaa ambɔ m’aba so a me a mɛbɔ me trumpet, joh”.

Playing on the original video’s initially idea of promoting the university, the new mashup video ironically mocks the school by claiming it will appreciate its own achievements if others fail recognize them.

This mashup video has brought the schools public relations nightmare back into social media discussions. Almost to the same level of social media ridicule meted on the school when the initial gospel-music-video like unofficial promotional video went viral.

Valley View University trended earlier this week when the video surfaced on the internet. This forced school authority to issue a press release distancing itself from the video.

The school said it did not sanction the making and distribution of the video and that it had its own official promotional videos on the school’s website.


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