University of Ghana Students Create App That Will Help You Tour Accra In 24 Hours

Students in the Marketing class of the University of Ghana Business School, were put into different groups to compete with each other in a course called Tourism Marketing. Which, let me just say, is a pretty dope practical idea.

The students are expected to compete with each other by selecting a tourist site of their choice, and then aggressively promote it. Their ideas will then be presented at a fair where supervisors will come around to judge and give marks…

So you know us, we’re always digging. There were a number of groups, but it was this group, 24 Hours In Accra, that caught our eye. We thought their idea was fire!!!!!

So here is  the idea. The group is basically going to promote Accra with an app. The app will help you tour all the hottest spots in Accra…iiiiiiinn, waaaiiiiiit for ittt…exactly 24 hours!!! 

We got the students to explain the nitty-gritties of the app, and how exactly it works in this interview. Check it out!


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