We Spoke To Students Who Do Not Give A Damn About The Upcoming KNUST SRC Elections, And This Is What They Had To Say!

It’s election season again!!!!

It’s that time of the year. Every year after the hall weeks, students shift their attention to the the SRC elections, and these semi-important things that some people call end-of-semester exams.

I’ve always thought that the elections are very important. I mean, the people elected will represent the entire student population – that’s more than forty thousand students – for an entire academic year! That’s huge! That’s bigger than most unions in the country!

But you know, not everybody cared about Jesus, when he happened.

So I suppose it can’t be all that surprising that certain people don’t care about the upcoming elections. We still wanted to understand why. Like, why? Why don’t you care? Why? I mean…no…why?

Osafo, CASS
You don’t have anything to do eh? Ah! Elections? For what?

Editor’s Note: He must be very busy.

Tuffuor, CASS
The SRC does not have much power to change anything, so why bother? Think about it like this. The SRC is like senior-most sibling in a family and just like any senior sibling, the parent gives him/her some power over the younger siblings. But he’s ordinarily not given enough power to impact the younger siblings drastically. It’s really just a talk-shop, nothing more.

Editor’s Note: Can’t argue with his logic there.

Nina, GESA
Does anybody ever vote in these elections because they think the person they’re voting for is competent enough to do the work? Everybody votes based on hall affiliations, fame and the general likeability of the person. How many people are even present at the vetting to actually see the capability of the aspirant, his/her temperament and his ability to successfully and tactically answer the tricky questions thrown his/her way. It’s almost as if everything matters, except competence/ability. Why would I bother?

Editor’s Note: Really should have asked her if she votes in National Elections, ’cause that’s literally what she’s described.

Elorm, SMS
Why should I pay attention to a stranger, who comes to give a million policies and is judged by the student body as efficient by the artiste he/she brings to SRC week? For me that is a big joke and I am not prepared to laugh at it.

Editor’s Note: That’s flames!

Maame Bennieh, CABESA
I’m in final year. I’m about to leave. Give me five good reasons why I should care, and I’ll give you twenty Ghana. Because, let’s be very serious here, are they not all just standing to boost their CVs and make a little money on the side?

Editor’s Note: She didn’t wait for us to give her the five reasons before she left smh

Michael, GESA,
It is a waste of time to listen to them, follow their campaigns and even going to vote. I have unfinished lab reports that take up all my time. They should find someone else to help them make money

Editor’s Note: Priorities! Can’t argue with that!


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