120 Policemen Head To UCC For Casford Hall Week


A total of 126 Ghana Police personnel have been deployed to stay on vantage points on the University of Cape Coast campus.

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This initiative came after a recent violent clash between some students led to several injuries.

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The move, according to the Central Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police David Ampah Bennin was to help prevent violence as was witnessed a few days ago.

126 security men deployed on UCC campus to prevent student clashes

This means the various Hall Week Celebrations will continue, but under the watch of armed Policemen. I mean how can the Casforians go naked in front of armed policemen?

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Students of the Casely Hayford Hall (CASFORD) started their week celebrations on Monday and the police administration says it is ready to ensure that there was law and order on campus.

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So if you’re thinking of misbehaving this weekend, I guess you’ll have to advise yourself before you get kissed by a policeman.


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