Looking To Make Money In School? Here Are 7 Options You Should Look Into

You probably considered leaving Ghana because of the myth that it’s impossible to work and further your education at the same time here. LOL. I mean, will you get paid in dollars here in Ghana? Probably not.

But you won’t have to worry about rent, getting shot because you’re black, hurricanes,…none of that. Heck, they even fixed the “lights”. So we thought about what jobs you could juggle your education with, and guess what? We found seven of them. So here goes.

Makeup Artist

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Since beauty likely won’t ever disappear, there’s always going to be a need for beauticians (hair dressers, makeup artists, aestheticians and more). As a beautician, you can work from school or even when you’re vacations. The fact is most top makeup artistes in Ghana started their trade from school, so you won’t have any shortage of role models.

You can also specialize in weddings or other formal events, which typically pay higher rates than strictly working with students.


Interior designer

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Have a passion for all things design and decor? If so, interior design may be for you. While education and training are preferred, they’re not necessarily requirements. Build your base clientele through family, friends and cheap advertising. Start with low rates, and once you start gaining clients, you can decide whether or not to charge more.

You can start by decorating your own room in school. Just put out a couple of pictures on social media and if your mates like it, you can start your business from there.


Fitness instructor

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If working out is one of your top priorities, consider becoming a fitness instructor. You can teach as little as one class per week or become certified in a specialized field, such as Pilates, and teach private lessons along with group classes. Group  and private instructors charge significantly more money depending on credentials, location and types of clients.

Becoming a gym instructor is one of the most flexible jobs you could do as a student since most people workout early in the morning and later in the evening. Also, it’s insanely lucrative, once you build up a respectable clientele.



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Creating a blog is easier now than ever before, with online templates and tons of examples to look to for inspiration. But maintaining a blog is hard work! It takes someone truly passionate about a topic—fashion or human rights, literature or sports—to turn a vision board into a scrollable reality.

The perks, of course, are that you get to work from home and you get to create your own schedule. You can also apply to write for Kuulpeeps anytime you want to.



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The list of self-taught photographers is, by this time, ceaseless. In fact, we’d be lying to ourselves if we said that we’ve never once listed one of our interests as photography. There are so many ways to strengthen your skills as a photographer—from books to online workshops, college classrooms to apprenticeship opportunities.

If you have a camera and a vision, it’s not too early to start curating a portfolio that showcases your talents.


Financial planner

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You can become a financial planner for banks or companies or individuals after uni. It doesn’t matter what course you studied in school. All you have to do is complete a 3 months professional course in the Ghana Stock Exchange Security Course. You can pick the evening classes to suit your schedule. The best part is, it doesn’t matter what course you’re studying in Uni.

After passing your exams for the course, you’ll have the opportunity to work as a financial planner for individual or even banks on your terms.


Buy and Sell

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I bet this is the common business on campus now. Everybody who wants to start a small business on campus considers this trade first. All you have to do is find out what people need most on campus, it could be shoes, dresses, shirts, plates etc. just go out and get those stuff, come back and then sell it to students on campus. Easy right? Just like a leg-over.

Very soon people will start contacting you when they need anything, and the best part is you can do this at your own convenience time.


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