Here Is A Lineup Of All The Hot Parties Happening At This Year’s Repu

It is that time of the year where every student who wants to get lit is busily planning to get to Kumasi for the Republic Hall Week Celebration popularly known as Repu.
At this year’s Repu17, there will be so many activities as usual so today, we will be talking about all the parties that will be making waves at Repu.
Let’s start off with Epilogo on Thursday.

Epilogo has been there for a very long time and it is considered almost a tradition now. Epilogo has just one rule, everyone wears shorts. So go get shortlisted on the 23rd of March 2017 at Georgia Hostel. It is a 5 minute drive from the main campus and a taxi ride is all you need to get there.
UAWA happens on Friday.

Unprecedented All White Affair is quite too long to say but never mind the name. Team Logoz is celebrating it’s fifth year with three hot parties starting this Friday.  It’s a strictly all white party inside The View Bar & Grill about 15 minute drive off campus. The party is themed “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and for those of you who have seen the movie, you know they were lit without limitations and that’s probably what Team Logoz are telling everyone. There is bottle trouble obviously and you can call these numbers for your table reservations 0244668880 and 0269620753.


Illuminate will have to share the soils on Friday.

Also, on Friday March 24, iSel Media team presents the Illuminate, ” the Glow house party” let’s #Getilluminated , the all glowing party that will get your face glowing while u party in the dark at the Glow house opposite American Hostel at New Site, KNUST. The fun will be on till you drop. MC’s for the night are Mensa Jr and Bossman who will steer the glow with eloquent delivery. Circle the date, save the date and be ready to get illuminated #Y3nkorepu. Don’t wait to be told be part of the fun.



Emperor Night Club, the new club in town will on Friday host Team VMG as they plan to shutdown Kumasi with this event dubbed MIA. Team VMG are just not creating the ultimate party night for people, they are also bringing Falz The Bahdguy into the club to do his own thing. They’ve got a massive lineup of DJs and MCs with DJ Slim, DJ Snazzy, DJ Spyro, DJ Aroma, DJ Scrappy, DJ Cypher, DJ Mystro, and DJ Frank alongside Sheldon and Mensah Junior as the MCs.
UABA goes down Saturday

White isn’t really your colour? Don’t worry, Team Logoz still has you in mind. On Repu Saturday, at The View Bar & Grill, it’s the Unprecedented All Black Affair. What more can I say? You already know how we do this. The UABA will be the second party of Team Logoz and trust me, you won’t want to miss this because DJ Vyrusky is on the bill.

Even though Kumasi isn’t an island, Team Logoz are at it again. This time on the last day of the Repu Hall Week, they are recreating the Ibiza experience at Momo’s Pool Bar. This joint isn’t called the Ibiza Experience for no reason, apparently we are going to feel and experience the Ibiza lifestyle.  YFM is partnering with Team Logoz and they are bringing along the YFM Hot Squad, think of it like a suicide squad created from the YFM crew. The usual suspects are around for this turn up DJ Vyrusky, DJ Aroma, DJ Neizer, DJ Fellifeel UK, DJ Suger Fingers, DJ Snazzy, DJ Gvcci and the MCs Kojo Manuel, Mensah Junior and Berima Sean Bills.


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