Legon Students To Create App That Will Help Solve All Your Shuttle Wahala On Campus

So there was an entrepreneurship fair at the University Of Ghana Business School for level 300 students who offer marketing…

Students in the Marketing Class of the Legon Business School were put into groups of 20 and tasked to come up with ideas that will help them in their Entrepreneurship course. 

These ideas were to be presented at the fair where supervisors will come around to judge and give marks…

There were many groups but it was this group, Find App, that caught our eye….

FindApp, is an app designed to enhance efficiency in everyday tasks by tracking the location of buses{shuttles}. The app also tracks the location of shops and sellers around campus. It also gives information on whether a shop or vendor is open or closed.

The group leader of Find App, Nick, came up with the idea because he hated having to wait in the sun for long periods for shuttles and taking trips to closed stores or calling people to find if a shop is opened. 

The app is not ready yet but  they plan on monetizing it when it’s ready and they are currently planning on having a discussion with all interested parties who will help them create the app.

According to the Find App group, out of all the groups created, they think Spectrum, is their rival group because they also have quite an innovative idea. Theirs is a plan to monitor inventory of companies, but they already have competition from existing applications. The Find App team believe they have the most innovative and problem solving idea so they have about 70% chance of winning the competition.
We at kuulpeeps wish them all the best!!