Ashesi University Tells Us Why You Should “Change Your DP”

Students of the Ashesi University have an event they call “Change Your Dp” which has been running for four years. They had the third edition yesterday on their school campus and so we decided to go and find out what the  whole event really meant.

We spoke to the president of the Ashesi Photography Club, Alex Adu and he told us how an alumnus of the school by name Daniel Bonsu brought up the idea of paying to take pictures so the money goes to support a worthy cause.

So for this year, the funds generated will go to support the Ashesi Endowment Fund which is a fund set up to help students who cannot pay their school fees.

Alex went ahead to state that they hoped at some point that the “Change Your Dp” event will become like a “Chalewote” or a “Sabolai Radio Music Festival” so its not just an Ashesi thing.





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