What We Know So Far About The Student Who Fell Off The Balcony In Legon

You might have probably heard about the girl who fell from the balcony at the Akuafo Hall Annex A this morning for those who haven’t here you go.


Kuulpeeps.com did some digging found out that the girl whose name was given as Jennifer Nyarko was an Agricultural and Consumer Science final year student of the University of Ghana. She was also a former student of Krobo Girls Senior High School.

We also found one of her course mates who spoke to us but refused to be mentioned. She told us Jennifer was the type of girl who will not miss lectures for anything. So she found it pretty weird that she didn’t show up yesterday when they had a class. She didn’t find it suspicious at first but she decided to find out why she was absent and was told Jennifer had hay fever. She woke up this morning to the news that Jennifer had fallen off her balcony and had died.


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