Short Story: A Little Story That Has Bean On My Mind

Bruh…lemme tell you about this one horrible story that happened to me last week at Purple. No, I wasn’t with my tall fat friend

So my tall fat friend and I were chatting, and he tries to introduce me to this one girl. But her nose was kinda big, so I wasn’t having it

But then I look up and I see this fine babe, damn. She looked like fried plantain from Koffee Lounge. 

So I hit up this one kid, and I gave him GHS 5 to deliver a note to the sweet thang.

She reads it, but she doesn’t even look my way. So I do what every alpha male should do. I try to catch her attention, like “Hell-oooo”

So I call on the gods to give me my best walk, and I slide over to her. I’m out there ronning her, vibing her, promising her the earth and all the oceans. Damn shawty, cash me ousssidde for this good loving

Bruh…I even told home girl I was the heir to the Asante throne. Y’all know me, I’m darker than a coal pot. So it’s believable.

Home girl’s mind was starting to come home, so she raised her head and I saw her proper. I’m like, “Wait…w-w-wait…don’t I know you?”. I’m outchea wondering if shawty is like my cousin or something.

Wait…Wait….Wait a minute
Image result for mr bean astonished

Image result for mr bean shocked

Damn. So I pull out my phone real quick, head off to xvideos, pull it up like, “Herh ɔbaahemaa, ɛnyɛ w’anim nie?”

This girl even has a beautiful kid with one of my homies, AbeikuLarge

Home girl try to explain, but extra sheet no really dey, so I had to tell her not to near me chale. She broke my home boy’s heart.

Thank God for my good memory chale



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