Feature: Think Grammy, Think Headie. Maybe, It’s Time For A Clever New Name For The VGMA Award

By Kwadwo Antwi Bosiako


Consider these three sentences auditorily;

  1. Jay Z has 21 Grammys, that’s great!
  2. Oh my God! I can’t believe Olamide smashed his Headie on the floor.
  3. Do you agree that EL didn’t deserve 5 VGMAs in 2016?

How pleasing to the ear and witty is each sentence? The first and second sound perfect in the ear. This feeling is intrinsic, simply based on the involuntary response of the auditory nerves. To notice that, you don’t really have to be an auditory nerd. The third sentence which is our own, is not that bad but can be more catchy and witty. How? Get your pick axe and let’s dig it.

The swag and craftiness in the term, ‘GRAMMYS’ and it’s uses is no rocket science, yet very intelligent and fitting. First of all the award plaque of the academy is a gramophone, making Grammys a perfect diminutive.Also it’s usage is nothing shy of perfection. How it beautifully fits in all contexts. Check these examples;

  1. Kudos to Kanye on tallying with Jay Z with 21 Grammys.
  2. It’s such a shame that a legend like Tupac was never awarded by Grammys!
  3. Usher has 8 Grammys on his shelves. Hard work pays off!

Have you noticed the various use of the term Grammys in each sentence. In the first sentence Grammys represents the honor. It means both Kanye and Jay Z have been honored by the academy 21 times each. In the second sentence, Grammys stands for the music academy, the body which organizes the award ceremony. In the third instance Grammys represents the award plaque.

The Headies is like a mirror reflection of the Grammys in so many perspectives. The award plaque is a symbol of human head, oh yea Headie! The usage of the term is also not different from that of Grammys;

  1. How Many Headies has 2Face?
  2. What is the biggest award in Headies?
  3. When last did a Ghanaian take home the Headie for Best African Act?

Oh yea! The concept is just like Grammys’. After all they say ‘if you can’t beat them, you join them.’ I believe VGMA can beat both in this sense. How! Get some Rush Energy Drink and let’s keep digging.


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