Beginner’s Guide To The Vagina: The 4 Hot Spots

Vagina makes the world go round. Cishet men come out of it, spend all their lives trying to get back into it. Women have it, and for some it’s the gift that keeps on giving; the never maxed-out ATM card. But do you ever get the sense that you don’t know too much…or even anything about it? Like, at your big age, you still don’t know where the A-spot is.

Don’t worry, neither do I.

The Four Hot Spots

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Apparently, there are at least FOUR hotspots. Four Hot Spots. Hot. Spots. There are four of them inside the vagina. A hot spot, at least as we’re using it, is a spot inside the vagina that is more erotically sensitive than most of the other parts of the vagina.

Note: This is not to say that the rest of the other parts of the vagina are dead, it’s just that these four zones are more sensitive than the rest, and are more likely to bring a woman to orgasm faster than the other corners. That distinction is very important.

So we have the Clitoris, The U-spot, The G-spot, and The A-spot. The first two are outside the vagina, the second two inside it.

The Clitoris

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The clitoris is purely sexual in function and becomes swollen and even more sensitive during sex. It is the only organ of the female anatomy whose only function is pleasure. It has an estimated 8,000 nerve endings and is the most sensitive part of the female genital organ. When a woman is sexually aroused, the clitoris fills up with blood just like the penis. So basically, that’s how women borr jack.

Fun fact: Lots of women do not reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation (I mean, the penis travelling in and out of the vagina). If you want to keep her, you’re probably going to have to focus on the clitoris.

In case, you have problem finding where the clitoris is, we included directions.

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The U-Spot

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The U-spot is a small patch of sensitive erectile tissue located just above and on either side of the urethral opening (where the urine comes from). If this region is gently caressed, with the finger, the tongue, or the tip of the penis, there will be an unexpectedly powerful erotic response. Obviously, those are a lot of scientific words, so we basically added a roadmap below

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The G-spot

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The G-Spot is a sexually sensitive patch of vaginal wall that protrudes slightly only when the glands surrounding the urethral tube have become swollen. If you want to show your girl that you know, just tell her it’s the Grafenberg Spot. It is a small, highly sensitive area located 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) inside the vagina, on the front or upper wall. This one is harder to find, you might need her to give you directions. She might refuse though, because no one man should have all that power. Look below for directions

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The A-Spot

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The is a patch of sensitive tissue at the inner end of the vaginal tube between the cervix and the bladder. Slide your apparatus along the upper wall of her vagina until just before you get to the end. When you find it, press it, pressure it, play with it. Do styles. You will see violent orgasmic contractions. That’s when you know your mischief has been managed. Find an overly complicated map below

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