Woes Of A Desperate Gnasher S01E01: Ahvrum G. Rant

Jollof, where thou art

My name is Grant, Ahvrum G. Rant. And I am a serial gnasher

This is my story

My friends always laugh at me that I am a virgin

But I know that dabi, dabi ɛbɛ yɛ yie

After all, there is nothing wrong with being a virgin…


But imagine a girlfriend with a big ass

Like I go love am dread

One of my friends says he can help me get one. His son is a player, so he has more girls than Lord Paper

I know that boy is famous for having plenty girls

My days of gnashing are definitely over. It’s not hard to say bye-bye

He said he can organise something gargantuan for me

He called me today, so I think something good is coming

 He said he has given my number to her, so she will call me today. Aben w’aha!

Three weeks, I don’t know if the girl has died or what.

Why always me, Daddy Lord?

I saw his little brother yesterday, and I told him to tell his brother to linkop

Be like your man taya me, cos I dey call am sef he no dey pick

It’s not anything. One day, one day, the charcoal seller’s son too will wear a white shirt



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