Wanlov Reveals Why He Has Named Two Of Kids TV And Radio

Wanlov now has six children named OB, Mali, Ama, TV, Kwadwo, and Radio….

Wanlov with one of his children

Yes!! he has named some of his kids TV and Radio…

….and he revealed on Accra FM why he gave them that name;
TV was delivered 10 days after his mum was supposed to give birth so we kept looking inside his mum‘s womb like TV for those 10 days while waiting for him. We said most of the time that we are watching the woman’s womb like TV so it automatically, it became his name after he was born.”

For Radio, Wanlov said, “I told TV’s mother that the next child will be named Radio as soon as she told me that she was pregnant again, so that we get TV and Radio in our family.”


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