5 Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Actually Saying It


LOVE. It’s a happy feeling; great, fantastic, consuming, etc. You’ll know this for a fact if you’ve ever really cared for someone. Be it your mom, your bestie, your lover, or the Hajia who makes your favourite waakye. Certain people just mean a lot to you, and you simply want to let them know lest they wake up one day and decide to stop playing that pivotal role in your life.

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Now what a lot of people fail to realise is saying “I Love You” with your actions, which is VERY IMPORTANT! Don’t get me wrong, everyone still loves the dramatic deep-eye-gazing I Love You. But you’ve got to act the part too just so that the object of your love will believe and hopefully readily reciprocate.

So… here are a few simple things you can do to keep that love burning:

  1. Ask About Something They’ve Been Fretting Over

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This is a no-brainer really. If you love someone, you’ve got to care about their difficult times because let’s face it, that love ain’t going nowhere until they can focus on you or share what really matters with you. Otherwise, you’ll just be another girl/guy in the background of their lives. It’s not always easy to share our anxieties with others just because… sometimes all people need is someone who is genuinely interested.

  1. Hang Out With Their FriendsImage result for tidal rave

Now, this is KEY and it goes both ways. When you are in love with someone and you already run in the same circles, then that’s cool. If you don’t however, this can be a problem because you want to be able to spend as much time with them without cutting yourself off from your friends, or them from theirs. Drop by the other’s place when you know their friends are over and get familiar with them. Conversely, make sure they are at least comfortable with your best buds so that Y’all can run into each other with friends and have a friendly conversation.

  1. Let Them Rest Or Fall Asleep        Image result for cuddle

Chances are you and the object of your love will have conflicting schedules on most days. So when you finally get a chance to be together, do not demand to be entertained or get peeved at the fact that they are not in the mood. Instead, encourage them to rest; fix them a bath and then give them a massage or simply hold them until they fall asleep. They’ll appreciate you a lot more for being so considerate.

  1. Leave A Note Because… Well… IT. IS. THE. SWEETEST. THING. EVERImage result for Leave A Note

If you let them sleep like I suggested before, yet you can’t be there when they wake up, leave a note saying you hope they slept well, and that you’ll be back. Or if they have an exam or a presentation, stick a note wishing them the very best in their bag or on their laptop. If you can’t get the chance to write an actual note, go digital; it may not be the first message they’ll read in the day, or the last before they go into lectures, but it will be equally sweet.

  1. Tell Them You Want Them    Image result for i want you

Now this can be very tricky; Especially if Y’all are not officially together, or are new in your romance. Aside from conveying the underlying message of sexual desire, saying ‘I Want You”  also tells the person that you want them to be a part of your life; that you choose to be in a relationship with them.

Believe it or not, there are few things more romantic than the realisation that your presence in someone’s life brings them immense satisfaction.

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