Fans Attacked Sarkodie For Seeking GHS 15,000 Donation For Sick Girl, And This Is What He Had To Say

Sarkodie simply can’t seem to catch a break these days

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Sarkodie’s social media problems are still not over. People are attacking him on social media again….

All he did was to ask for help for this little girl…

….but some people didn’t understand why the artiste who charges Gh 150,000 per show couldn’t afford common Gh 15,000. So they gave it to him.

You know say money no be praaaablem

Rich Nigga Shit.

Plot twist….all those who attacked Sarkodie that he couldn’t afford common GH 15,000 were wrong….

Of course ‘money no be problem’ he had settled the GH 15,000 already. All he wanted was back up. He tweeted this later:



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