“Adebayor Is Very Lazy, All He Thinks About Is Food”- Former Teammate Lashes Out

Former Fulham and Norway defender, Brede Hangelland has lashed out Adebayor. Speaking on Norwegian radio, Brede said Adebayor was an “incredible natural talent but very lazy”


He also said the forward had freaked him way before they started playing in the same team “We were attacking and i was marking Adebayor in Midfield and suddenly he said ‘ahhhh, i’m hungry’ i replied ‘what?’ and he said ‘do you know any good restaurants in London, Hangeland’ and when we had workouts, he would sit in the gym with just a cup and a muffin, he was being paid by Tottenham and Palace at the same time, and he was sitting in the gym drinking coffee, incredible natural talent, very lazy.

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Adebayor does not have have a club at the moment but expressed his interest in coming back to the EPL as he has unfinished business.


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