Ludacris’ Wife Prepares Fufu For Her Kids And Its Nothing Compared To Ours

So we are back again with another one.
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Lets all be frank, when it comes to preparing food, Ghanaians are the best!
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We all remember how Ghana won the whole Jollof contest and did some magic. 

Yes… yes… and Nigeria Jollof tastes funny.
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Ed Sheeran also told us what he thinks of Ghana Waakye

Back to the agenda…

A recent post on Instagram shows that Ludacris’ wife prepared some fufu for her kids yesterday.

From what she’s preparing, there’s no doubt that Ghana has won a future fufu contest already.

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We are in a comfortable lead

Who wants to eat fufu from Gabon when Ghanaians have big cassavas.
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The only thing we can talk about is the French she spoke, that’s sexy.
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