This Is How Donald Trump’s New Policy Is Going To Affect Ghanaian Women

So remember how we weren’t supposed to care about the American elections, because we’re Ghanaians?
Turns out…we WERE supposed to care, because it DOES affect us, one way or another.
President (or Supreme Leader, depending on your viewpoint) Trump has signed an executive order that bars any American NGO from offering abortion as part of family planning.
Hell, they can’t even discuss it, else they stop getting money from the US government.
What this means is that organisations like Marie Stopes International and the IPPF have to make a choice; stop providing abortion services or go broke.
Of course, they’re not going to stop BUT it does mean that with reduced funding, they will be unable to reach as many women as before.
So basically, there will be more births because fewer women will receive healthcare, there will be more unsafe abortions, and more abortion-related deaths.
So here’s to everyone who criticised women for marching in Ghana against Trump. Hopefully, now you understand why, x.