Sarkodie Has Offered To Feature Creatives In His Upcoming Video Without Paying Them, And People Are Attacking Him For It

People are angry (like literally really actually real-life angry) that Sarkodie is offering to pay creatives in “Exposure” Ghana Cedis, rather than in actual Ghana Cedis. The entire fracas begun when Sarkodie put out this post, calling on creatives to submit their designs, if they were interested in their art being used in a music video for free.

And then it began…

The creatives started speaking up…

But Sarknation lawyers came through for him

Others understood the need for Vitamin D

those who have seen this happen before started giving expert analysis

and along came pro-domestication. Dan Lartey will be so proud

The philosophers were not to be left out

And along came the poets. Pidgin imagery for daysssss

But Sarkodie, i think it’s just funny how..”

Clearly, “Corolla S by this time” didn’t sit well with many people


Decisions, decisions


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