Ooooh, It’s Lit! M.anifest Throws Shots At Sarkodie Again!

People were roasting Sarkodie on social media, but we couldn’t help but notice a rather interesting tweet. Hehe
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It really wasn’t too long ago that the Makaa Maka rapper fired shots at Sarkodie on his hit song God MC

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Then Sarkodie hit back with that fire response on Kanta. Remember the GTP Kaba line?Image result for surprised reaction meme

Although, the beef subsided since that time, M.anifest has stoked the flames of that fire AGAIN, with this post on twitter

Fans of HipHop will remember that famous Suge Knight diss at Puff Daddy at The Source awards in the 90s, where he said “If you don’t want your producer dancing in your videos, come to Death Row”. Look familiar? Image result for suge knight puff daddy the source awards come to death row meme
The tweet has since got a lot of traction, with people rumoring that he is trying to re-ignite the beef. We’ll keep you posted.


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