King Ayisoba Says He Rates M.anifest and Wanlov Over Sarkodie

A big philosopher once said, “Mo money, mo problems”, and the GHS 150K-per-show superstar seems to be having a lot of both lately.

First, he gets threatened with a lawsuit. Then he gets accused of running away from features. Then he gets attacked for wanting to pay creatives with exposure. And now…

…and now!! King Ayisoba is saying Sarkodie is no match for him when it comes to live stage performance.

According to King Ayisoba, “Sarkodie is not fit for those shows because he (Sarkodie) cannot perform to a live band, the only thing Sarkodie can do is to mime to his songs on CDs….”

….The organizers of those shows will prefer Jay Z than bringing Sarkodie because he (Sarkodie) doesn’t have a band.” He also went on to say, “M.anifest and Wanlov are the only artistes who are doing well compared to the rest of the hiplife musicians we have here in Ghana. The White man I work with always tells me he prefers to invite a highlife artiste from Ghana than inviting a hip-life artiste to any event he organizes”. King Ayisoba stated.

We can’t help but wonder why the opinion of this mysterious “white man” matters with respect to Ghanaian music but oh well


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