You Can Watch The Rare Total Solar Eclipse Here

We know some of you are obsessed with eclipse and everything that has got to do with the universe.

That’s why we are bringing you this juice…

There’s is a total solar eclipse happening today at 4 p.m today!

No, it won’t be visible in Ghana. People in the United States of America will get to enjoy this celestial spectacle that happens very few times in one’s lifetime.

On mountaintops and in open fields, in the middle of America’s vast wilderness, people will stand together. They will stand on rooftops and city sidewalks. From big surf on beaches on the West Coast to wide-open sweeping beaches on the Eastern Seaboard, the moon’s shadow will fall.

But you know we live in a global village right? With the internet, you can literary know everything that is happening a world away from you without haven to physically be there.

For the love of you, we managed to stumbled upon this NASA link that will live stream the whole event.

Don’t worry yourself by flying all the way to America for the eclipse. Just follow this link and enjoy this rare event from the comfort of wherever you are.

Besides, you probably don’t have a visa and it’s just too late for you to even hop on a plane if you do.





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