Hilarious Excuses Your Roomates Gives For Not Wanting To Share Stuff

I Don’t Want Us To Smell The Same:

Ok, so you’re going to this great party, you and your roommate are both looking fly, t(winning). Then you just need that Cologne from the roomie to smell great too, then they hit you with the “i don’t want us to smell the same”then this is you

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Nobody Else Can Use My Controller: Those roommates who somehow have designated controllers for FIFA that nobody else can use. He lost a game so he has to give it up? you’ll just have to kill him then.

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It’s For My Medicine: Don’t you just love it when your roommate has juice in the fridge but you can’t touch it because “It’s for their medicine”? yeah, me too. Now you have to eat your chibom with water because the juice you planned to eat it with is for medicine.

That’s My Last Condom: When you’re trying hardest to not be a father at 21 but your roommate is bent on not helping you out. I mean, you know he has been carrying that condom in his wallet in first year, and second, and third, and now that you’re in final year… never mind. You get it don’t you?

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