Things African Parents Do That Make You Want To Move Out

If you’re a child (That’s what you are always going to be) in Africa, you are experiencing, or have experienced a couple of things that would make you just want to move out if you had the means. These might sound hilarious to read, but these are real life things African children go through.

Waking You Up When They Don’t Need You.

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Mama does not care that you woke up at 5am throughout the week, if she’s up at 4am on a Saturday then so are you. How dare you sleep when your parents who decided to not sleep are awake? HOW DARE YOU?!

Pass Me The Remote

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You have probably seen this a lot of times on social media and laughed at it.It is not a joke! I repeat, it is not a joke! No matter how far away you are, as long as you are at home, your father will always need you to pass him the remote that is literally sitting in front of him. You were sleeping? Sure, just wake up and pass him the remote. You were studying? You can always go back to the books. You just got back home bleeding after surviving 12 gunshot wounds? Yeah, you’re not 50 cent. JUST PASS THE BLOODY REMOTE!

Getting In Your Way When You’re Trying To Go And Have A Social Life

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So you just graduated from school and you’re feeling all grown up now, you plan to go out at night with your friends and your parents are just chilling, waiting to rain on your parade. You would think after a certain age they would be lenient enough to let you live your life on your own. Wrong! As long as you are under their roof, they are always going to try and restrict your movements. Just another favourite pastime of theirs

Unnecessary Cheeky Answers

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It’s like African parents develop a foul mouth (or fouler) when they ask you to run errands for them. “Where should i put this” somehow always warrants a “Put it on my head”, and it almost always sounds like they have been waiting to say it.

Sending You To The Shop More Than Once

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Isn’t it just so convenient how your parents always feel like they need to send you on errands when you are doing something you love? Your team is playing in the champions league finals? Cool, leave it and and go and buy me this shaving stick i won’t be needing till tomorrow afternoon.



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