This Ghanaian Immigrant Might Lose His Toe After Fleeing America To Canada To Avoid Being Deported

“I ran for my life” These were the words of 24 year old Seidu Mohammed from the winnipeg hospital as he spoke to CBS news, after he was taken there by someone he described as a “Good Samaritan”

Seidu Mohammed is a Ghanaian refugee who ran away from Ghana to America because of his sexual orientation. He said he feared for his life. He said he left Ghana in 2015 but was detained in San Diego when he got to America. He also said he applied for Asylum after his Visa run out but was denied by the judge.

He met another Ghanaian man in Minneapolis and they decided to flee to Canada together. The two took a bus to Grand Forks, North Dakota, and continued with a cab to a spot near U.S – Canada border.

The two plodded in -18 C conditions and tried to flag trucks passing by for hours, till one finally stopped, and took them to the Winnipeg hospital.

Mohammed has since filed for refugee status, and if the past claims are anything to go by, he will know his status in two months.

Mohammed is hopeful that he will get to stay in Canada and work. Speaking on how he felt about the fact that he might lose a toe, he said “it’s a small price to pay for happiness”

Here is a full video of the interview.


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