Emirates Airlines Introduces Mobile Money Payments

Emirates has introduced yet another innovation aimed at making it easier for its Ghanaian customers to purchase airline tickets to any of its over 150 destinations.

Ghanaian travelers seeking to enjoy the world class on-board services and products provided by Emirates can now purchase their tickets from their mobile phones via MTN Mobile Money.

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The introduction of this service seeks to redefine the concept of convenience in relation to purchasing airline tickets as payments can be made from anywhere.

Prior to the introduction of this service, all bookings that were made on the local Emirates website required travelers to either make a bank deposit at a local branch or make payment at Emirates town or airport office. However, the introduction of the mobile money payment option has made it possible for travellers with enough credit in their Mobile Money wallet to make payment through this means after booking and receive their tickets immediately. This service has also paved the way for the acceptance of both local and international VISA/MASTERCARDS online.

The Mobile Money industry in Ghana is booming and has pushed the frontiers of eCommerce. With MTN alone having over 8 million registered mobile money users, the potential for this industry is limitless.



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