This Is Why Mark Okraku Mantey Plans To Sue Sarkodie

It looks like Mark Okraku Mantey and Sarkodie are not on good terms.


In 2015, Mark Okraku claimed Sarkodie was a fraud because his Illuminati music video didn’t cost $90,000 and most Ghanaian musicians cannot even boast of $90,000 sitting in their bank account.

In 2016 too, Mark Okraku did hit back at Sarkodie after Sarkodie claimed the media wants to bring him down. This is what he said on Starr Fm “Sarkodie claims the media hates him but he has forgotten it was the same media that discovered his talent. It was through Dr. Duncan on Adom Fm that he was discovered, and it was the media that invested into his talent.”

It seems the ‘New Year, New Me’ slogan doesn’t work for Mark Okraku Mantey, he is on Sarkodie’s neck again this year.

Sarkodie did a version of the late Daasebre Gyamenah’s song,’ kokoko’ in tribute of the late musician but Mark Okraku plans to sue him.

Why tho?
Why tho?

Mark Okraku Mantey explained to that he produced the ‘kokoko’ song which was released in 1999, under his Slip Music label and therefore, owns the rights to the song. The use of either the entire or any part of the song, without his permission, is illegal, he argued. He later said he will sue him soon but didn’t disclose exactly when.


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