Viral Letter To Mahama’s Bungalow Request Is Fake

Ex President Mahama requested to keep his current home, which served as the official home for sitting Ghanaian Vice Presidents, right before he left power.

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There have been news circulating that the current president, President Nana Addo has denied to give out the bungalow to the former president.

The Acting Director of Communication at the presidency, Eugene Arhin, has asked the general public to disregard a letter making the rounds claiming Nana Addo has denied the request of former president Mahama.

Hon. Arhin in a Facebook post said the statement was fake.

“Please, this statement was not issued by me. It’s a complete fake. The Reference Number is the same as that from the statement I released on The Gambia.”

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 He added that there has been no agreement yet on the bungalow request by the former president.

“Nonetheless, on the matter at hand, it is absolutely false that there’s an agreement for the former President to “have Bungalow No.3, Prestige Link, Cantoments, Accra, and its adjoining facilities as his official retirement home.” No such agreement exists.” 

President Nana Addo is yet to come out to say anything about the current issue.


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