The Story Of Archbishop Porter Students Involved In A Fatal Accident Is False

Rumours circulating on social media yesterday seemed to suggest that a fatal accident involving a bus full of Porter Girls’ students occurred at Apam Junction on the evening of 9th January.


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It has been confirmed that the students are rather students of Edinaman Senior High School but not Porter Girls’

Narrating the incident, an eyewitness claimed that the accident was caused by an unspecified V8 vehicle which had been trying to avoid hitting a “mad-man” on the street. The Sprinter bus, which was transporting the students, lost control, slammed into the V8 vehicle and somersaulted into a bush.


The eye witness claimed a student was massively bleeding but was taken to the hospital, even though it was delayed. He also stated that even though the accident was very horrible, no one died.

A worker from the Apam Hospital also confirmed that no student died from the fatal accident, but however, two students were seriously injured.


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