Popular Students In Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA)


Let’s take a look at GIMPA. It is well known that everywhere, there are a few people who have made it a point, (un)conciously to make their presence known. Let’s take a look at a couple of GIMPA peeps who are flawless at this.

Name: Anthony Wularu Junior (@_tony_j )

Level: 400

Course of study: Marketing

Claim to fame: Awesome sense of fashion and knows his way around the ladies. He’s just an all round smooth-talker. NOTE – It is advisable to hide your girlfriends whenever he’s around…

Name: Sarah Ofosu (@Perdro_Royal)

Level: 400 

Course of study: Human Resource Management 

Claim to fame: A beauty queen and a true party turnup. Gives the guys something to feast their eyes on. She knows how to get the vibe to it’s climax. Looking forward to having a fun time, then she’s the one to turn up with.

Name: Benjamin Acheampong Bondzie (@benny_bonzy)

Level: 400

Course of study: Procurement Management

Claim to fame: President of GIMPA Business Students Association and an entrepreneur. Sociable and has good relationship with everyone. He never passes without a hello… Yeah he’s cool like that!!!!

Name: Nicholas Mintah aka DJ Smokey (@dj_Smokey001)

Level: 400 
Course of study: Business Administration

Claim to fame: Official DJ for GIMPA and the life of the party on campus. He knows how to work the turntables so good he’d get everyone on their feet.

Name: Jeffery Antwi (@cartermatique)

Level: 400 

Course of study: Supply Chain Management

Claim to fame: Let’s call him “The ladies man”. Knows a thing or two about how to get the ladies on their toes. You can call him the ‘Mr. Steal Yo Girl’ of GIMPA.

Name: Kenny Rogers (@kennyroo)

Level: 400 

Course of study: Marketing

Claim to fame: The one who never disappoints when it comes to fashion. He nails it each and every time!
Name: Apori (@apori_490)

Level: 300
Course: Law

Claim to fame: Great sense of humor and dope fashion sense that gets heads turning. He’s good with the ladies too…. He can get them drooling in the split of a second.

Name: John Dumelo (@johndumelo1 )

Level: 100

Course: Public Service & Governance

Claim to fame: One of Ghana’s finest actors, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He’s a UN Ambassador and a Ghanaian Tourism Ambassador. 

It’s a wrap!!


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