This Is What To Expect In Town This Christmas

Its the season 0f giving and merry making, and Ghana is one of the livest places in December (maybe because my limited/no travel experience), abrokyire girls have dropped and there are at least 5 parties every single day, we all love to turn up, so therefore there are going to be some inevitables….

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Xmas yo!!….

You are going to see flashy cars you have never before seen in town, I’m not saying some of them are rented or anything. or am i? anyways, there’s going to be an influx of flashy vehicles so you should probably keep your girlfriend very far away from the scenes.

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Also, because of the number of people that frequent clubs in December, clubs have this thing they do that they charge outrageous prices at the gate, this usually starts when they sense an overcapacity, so they try to control the number, some people come prepared anyway, and pay these prices, and the others stand there and complain for half of the night because they don’t see why they should pay 150 cedis to enter a club when they are not even sure they are going to get any girls, also, why should i pay this amount when i’m going to buy drinks? what are you expecting me to use to buy the drinks? if you find yourself asking any of these questions, then you’re not the target market.

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Fights! like every place where there’s a large group of people with egos, you’re going to see fights at most of the places you go to chill. One thing all these fights have in common is, they are always started over some trivial issue which could have ended at a “chale sorry”

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You’re going to be hearing a lot of strange accents too, who said borgas don’t stay in Hungary or Romania too? they are going to come with their own accents, it’s not always about the UK and USA.  Some Ghanaians also have foreign accents chilling in the freezer for when stuff like this go down, mess around and hear accents from your own friends you haven’t heard before.

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These are just a few things you’re going to see/experience in town, so brace yourself guys.


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