These Two Haven’t Been Seen Together In A While. Let’s Take A Look At Pictures Of Pappy Kojo And Joey B Together

So at some point in time in the history of Ghanaian music,two gentlemen appeared and brought about a new wave and called themselves the New Lords. They were practically everywhere in the country and outside the country and always together. Be it shows,events,interviews,regular days,social media, and the list goes on and on. They were the very straight version of Bonnie and Clyde. Now fast forward to a year later,it seems like everyone is minding their own business sort of. Pappy Kojo and Joey B haven’t really been seen together for quiet sometime for reasons best known to them. I  am not asking for reasons why, (even though I badly want to know why) . I just want us to remind ourselves what they looked like when they were always together and if after you want to pry and find out why it is up to you as for me I am “eating ” my house matter.

Wow they even had matching outfits ….  saaaa

Now this looks interesting…..does Joey have the same too????


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