A Guide To Talking Politics With Your Family This Christmas

The holidays are getting closer and this time around with the just ended general elections, there will be a lot of talk between family members about the just ended elections. Now I know that you will want to take part of the discussions and win a few points with the elders so that they think that you have finally made it to the table of men. I am not saying don’t say some ooo, but I think that you have to tread cautiously if you want to. These few steps should guide you through it.


Avoid It


Remember to do all the things that you actually never wanted to do as soon as the topic comes up.


Respect People’s Opinion


Learn to respect people’s views even if they are not the same as yours. It saves you a lot of headache.


Listen To People’s Views


Absolutely Great.


Keep Quiet If You Are Clueless About The Topic


So if you are like me and you don’t have a single idea about what they are talking about you will just be quiet and enjoy your Christmas.



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