A Guide To Going Out With Latecomers

We all have that friend who is late to everything, you can give them a 2 hour head start, and they will still manage to be late somehow.  Here, we tell you how to deal with people like that.

Before you set off to meet this person at any location, give them a call, if they say they are almost ready, that means you have two more hours to set off.  Because they are probably still at home like this

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Also, do well to  convince them that the party starts way earlier than they thing, so they can hurry up and finish, or not. You need to be at the party in time to do this

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Also, do well to lie to them that the girls are already there in their numbers, and there are no guys in sight, trust me, he will get ready in the quickest.  You get to the party and there are no girls and this is you

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Then there is this thing where you keep blowing up their phone to get ready because you’re almost at theirs, at least call 3 times every minute, that’ll teach them.  This advice might come in handy, or..

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If you try all these and they still don’t work, then it’s time to get yourself some time conscious friends. You are welcome



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