7 Things Girls Hate About Cooking

Staying in the kitchen for hours to prepare food is never a problem for a girl (eiiii sorry oooo Most Girls). It is actually fun to actually know that you are responsible for the smile on people’s faces and their satisfied look after they are done eating your food. The icing on the cake is when they ask if there are leftovers for the next day and you wishing you could just add certified chef to your Instagram bio. But there are also the down parts of cooking. Not that those things make us lazy or not being able to cook but they are just downright annoying to do and in as much as we hate them we do them anyway.

Peeling Ginger


Pay me a million Ghana cedis and I still will not peel the ginger…..Kai….. The thought of it alone…..BYE!


Chopping Onions


Need I say more????


Washing Dishes


Martin Luther King…the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you for this.


Pounding Fufu


Have you heard of Neat Fufu please?????


“Driving” The Banku


Personalized gym be this one…..lmao


Frying Fish


When you drop the fish in the oil and it still has some scales on it and the oil burns you…..eeeeeeeettttttt can paaaaiiiinnnnn!!!!!!


Boiling Beans


As soon as you put the pot on fire go and sleep and wake up the next morning ok??


But on a lighter note, the next time you don’t want to go through all this just order food from JUMIA.


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