How To Know If She’s Just Using You For Food

You might be in doubt about whether a girl is into you, or she’s just using you for food. Here are a few guidelines for you my brother.

She only calls you when she’s hungry: But you knew this already! i mean, why else does she have such impeccable timing when it comes to calling you? why else will she be calling you at breakfast, lunch time, and right when Marwako is about to close? if you still don’t get it, you deserve to be used for food anyway.

She starts acting up AFTER you deliver the food: Also, if she develops a brand new attitude after she gets the food, then, you, my friend are in the food zone. She called you and spoke nicely to you about food, but as soon as you brought the food, she started acting like she didn’t want you around anymore, that’s because she doesn’t. Now cancel all the netflix and chill ideas you had before going over because they are never going to happen

She starts getting bold: When she starts getting bold like this font, then you have a problem, because she’s going to start asking you to get food for her friends as well.  And just like the jon you are, she asks for this and you’re like

Image result for the best memes without captions

and do it. next time it will be four friends.

All her date ideas are to eat out: To be fair, this is a thing many Ghanaian girls do, but when she starts suggesting food for all your dates, that’s a red light, because what kind of person doesn’t want to watch a movie or go go-karting? Yeah, you were thinking it all along. all i did was confirm for you. You’re welcome.


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