How To Handle A Break Up During Exams

It starts with a little bit of “why are you not giving me attention” texts and it generates into something else. It usually happens when guys move away from their girlfriends a little to study with their female course mates. If the boy is fine, this scenario is bound to happen as all girls would join his study group even with no invitation whatsoever.

As the semester draws nearer to its end and every lecturer informs you that they are done with the syllabus you realize that your troubles have begun. That is when you start recounting all the hall and departmental week celebrations you were not supposed to attend but you attended anyways thinking there was so much time. In these times seek help from anyone who seems like they know anything at all. I am not here to discuss someone’s personal story so let me just give you the tips of overcome the entire drama.

Be Honest About Your Break Up


The survivors of this ordeal have been usually been very vocal about it. It is extra difficult to hide your formally flamboyant Cinderella story gone sour especially during examination period so please be honest when you are asked. Do not give details so you become extra emotional but be honest about it.


Avoid Reminiscing About Old Times


Usually people are quick to find a replacement to help them go through the routines they normally went through with their exes but the main deal is to avoid doing the things you used to do together. If you were taking long walks together, spending all your time texting each other it’s time to find alternatives for those activities.




The studying late into the night trick is usually a good trick if you’re the type who can study even during a break up. If you can’t study alone join a study group to boost your attentiveness to your books. But is that not why you are in school in the first place?


Don’t Avoid Your Ex


Try not to avoid your ex always. If you find out how they have moved on maybe you would be inspired to move on too.


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