Ways To Make That Player Fall In Love With You

A lot of girls fall in love with playboys. The funny and silly thing about it is the fact the playboy is not going to be loyal and yet still you can’t help but fall into their heartbreaking trap. To get your heartbroken sucks and I understand, many of these playboys are fine looking and cute sometimes even loaded and girls like to be with them. The trick here is to let that player fall in love with you first, here are some clues about how you can probably get it done.



First clue, never let him know that you know he is a flirt, instead play dumb. Just let him feel like he’s got you hooked up like he has been doing to all the other girls. But notice and know this never let him have you, a kiss is just fine and that’s all he can get. Till you know he is rather hooked up on you, keep up with the act for as long as it takes till you notice the signs that he is starting to dig you.



Second clue, draw a line, a line he cannot cross no matter what. Give him the dos and don’ts when it comes to you. Something like rules, if you ain’t got one then create one. NO SEX should be number one on it, figure the others yourself and mind you guys like that don’t like to be controlled they wanna be the one in charge so don’t be over bossy with the rules thing because you automatically push him away. If his intentions is still about sex the job isn’t yet done.



Clue number three, people are attracted to things that are unique, things that are different. In this case player boys are attracted to girls that they can’t have (hard to get), it is their kind of unique. When a girl is hard to get it’s so easy for her to let playboys fall in love with her. Don’t play hard to get, he will notice you fast and take the game to a different level that you can’t win, but actually be hard to get try as much not to let your guard down and right there you become the most interesting thing in his world he will keep coming at you and by the moment he realizes it he will be already deep in love.



The forth clue, now this step is quite challenging and it’s a 50/50 chance of succeeding. I know most girls might not agree with me on this but trust me it works in most cases. Follow  that playboy, act as if you’re obsessed with him, make him think like he can have you anytime he wants but that shouldn’t be case though don’t forget you’re just acting and don’t get carried away. Stalk him, wherever and whenever possible through whatsapp, text, calls I mean whichever way you can. You can even, always try to get people to notice both of you whenever you’re together with him in public. Now let me remind you it’s either he just does away with you for being a pain in the ass or he just accepts and start believing in both of you. If you’re fortunate and he sticks by you, congratulations you’ve made the player fall for you.



The five star clue, it’s all about being real. Go straight to the point, no games, no kidding around just open up to him. Let him know you know he is a fuck boy and tell him one hundred that if he is going to be stable with you then he’s got himself a girlfriend. But if he knows he can’t be loyal and just wants to play around then he should kiss you goodbye. Let him know how you feel about him and that if he don’t or can’t feel the same way about you then he better back off. The truth is hard to say and difficult to face but once it comes out things just work out.



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