This Is What Shatta Wale Does Aside His Music

The Dancehall King in a radio interview some few weeks ago spoke about his life and his entire music career. In the interview, he made mention of the other things he does aside his music business. Here are some of the businesses Shatta Wale does apart from producing hit songs;

Family Man.

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In case you didn’t know, Shatta Wale is a very proud father of two. He always talks about his ‘Queen,’ Shatta Michy and their son Majesty. Shatta also has a daughter.

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Gold Dealings

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The Dancehall King mentioned that he deals in gold…….that kind of explains the gold chain constantly hanging around his neck and how easily he could get the gold Pound locket for Shatta Michy on Vals day.


Real Estates

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Shatta Wale also mentioned that he is into real estates. Apparently Shatta Wale deals in the buying and selling of houses and he recently acquired a one million dollar house for himself.

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Shatta Bitters

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By now, we all might have heard of Shatta Wale’s official bitters, the Shatta Betters. If you didn’t know about it, I guess you should grab one now because Adwuma nu asi.

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