A.I And Other New Artistes That Made Waves In 2016

The year has been good so far, with all the politics and propaganda. Even though our movie industry was not at its best, the music industry was blessed with a couple of hits and new artistes. Here are some of the new most popular new artistes in our music industry.


Article wan

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This young man put together a couple of words and sounds we don’t really understand to make a hit out of nowhere. Although Article Wan has just a single hit, you would probably listen to his single jam all day than waste time on a whole album from a known artiste.



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Its like the grace of God found this young man after he moved from an errand boy to being a wealthy young rapper. He has a couple of hits like ‘Confirm’ and ‘Too Risky’ which are making waves on air. Medikal has worked on songs with Sarkodie, Edem and Sister Debbie.


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Some of us barely knew of Worlasi until he was featured on Manifest’s ‘God MC’. Apart from his singing talents, he also raps. He is also a good painter. Apart from featuring on ‘God MC’, he also released a track with Sarkodie called ‘Sarkastic’.




A.I came from nowhere and blew us away with his piercing voice. His song ‘Grind’ with DJ Vision became an anthem for the youth and a banger in all clubs. He has other singles like ‘Pray’ and ‘Meeba’ and has also been featured on E.L’s Bar III Album.



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Among all these new artistes, Ayat seems to be taking things on a different level since he raps mostly in Hausa. The budding young rapper linked up with multiple award-winning rapper Sarkodie to release the 1st single off his debut EP titled Zamani. He also worked with other musicians like Edem and Medikal.



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So if you’re looking for one of the new rap sensations, just speak Akan, literally, look for Akan . This guy is really good at what he does. His lines are too dope. He recently released a song with Worlasi. He also worked with Da Hammer to release a song called ‘Effortless’.


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