This Is What Happened In Nana’s House After Prez Mahama Called To Concede Defeat

On Friday 9th December 2016, around 8:20 pm, President Mahama called President-Elect Nana Akufo-Addo to congratulate him on winning the 2016 Presidential election.


Some pictures have been released on social media, showing reactions from the family of Nana Akufo-Addo after President Mahama’s call.

Hello John… say it, I’m listening



… so you have finally conceded. Don’t worry I won’t arrest anyone… yet. Hahaha



So is this how Obama’s girls feel?

Nana Dokua waits for her turn to hug Dr. Bawumia


Nana Dokua Akufo-Addo looks at her Dad in tears…

… so we are finally going to take selfies in the Jubilee House

Teary Nana Dokua Akufo-Addo looks on as her sister hugs the father



Cry no more my dear, Woyome will vomit that money out.



Ma Man!!… When work starts don’t be like Amissah ooo



Let me take a selfie with Nana’s daughter before its too late.


Let’s go and take a look at the Flagstaff House




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