These Reasons Should Probably Explain Why Nana Won The 2016 Elections

After the December 5 rally of the ruling NDC which happened at the Accra sports stadium it would have been easier for anyone to wholly swallow the 54.2% projections of Mr. Ben Epson, the celebrated pollster who has now trended more than ever on social media. The crowd was a huge one and it seemed the Greater Accra region had been won by the NDC. It is common knowledge too that whoever wins that region and the central region is in the best standing to win the general elections and oh! we saw the crowd at the NDC manifesto launch at the cape coast stadium so WHAT HAPPENED?



The NDC felt they had pulled down the country and reconstructed it all over again and so they could never lose the elections. The election however seemed to be about relatability and whether or not the projects benefitted the individual electorates.

Risky investments


It is good to invest in infrastructure but the truth is that it would take forever to pay back. In the meantime what do we survive on while we wait for Dubai interchange to pay back? If a parent were building a new house should their kids starve?

Alleged corruption


When Mahama is hit with a bribe scandal, he tells those who don’t understand to go court. If Martin Amidu wants to cross examine Woyome the Attorney General would file to discontinue the case. It seemed they didn’t care because of course Ghanaians are forgetful.



Again all the NDC did was create conversation around the NPP policies and brag about their infrastructural development. Some called him an elf, a vegetable , sick, desperate and while this felt good to one side others wondered what really  the NDC message was besides the “we’ve built more than Kufour.”



The man who called Lydia Forson and Yvonne Nelson prostitutes for starting the Dumsor must stop campaign lost his safe Ablekuma Central seat. Need I say more?





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