Sarkodie’s Trumpet Beat Was Stolen And Even He Didn’t Know

If you loved Sarkodie’s trumpet, this might come as a huge surprise and possibly cause you to rescind some of your love for the song.

Apparently, new Ghanaian rap fans favourite song “Trumpet” was not produced by who we thought it was produced by. (DejClef), The beat  is said to have been stolen from American producer, Superstar O.

Speaking on the issue, Fortune Dane, who mixed the song and had his vocals at the end of the song as well took to facebook to register his displeasure on the issue.

“I NEVER took credit for this production. Did you hear dope music? Did you hear Fortune? NO. All I did was add a few drums and percussions on my part only, mix, master and put my voice on it because Sark’s management asked me to. Sark and the rest of us on the track had no idea what DefClef had done till today. Really unprofessional and I’ve started to question Revenge Of The Spartans. Just when I was about telling him my piece of mind he deactivated his twitter account. Sark and the rest of us were shocked by this but charle, we do the track, we shoot video, we drop am, everyone’s happy and so are we. But DefClef no force!”  These were his words.image


Below is the beat from superstar O.

and below is the Sarkodie song, “Trumpet”

The Producer (DejClef) has long since deleted his twitter account. New developments will be communicated accordingly


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