Mother Of Dead Achimota Student Calls For Immediate Closure Of School

Achimota School. Photo credit: Achimota School/Twitter

Sonia Ofori Ansong, the mother of 15-year-old Kervin Kofi Moses, a first year student of Achimota SHS, has called for the immediate closure of the institution as she believes their negligence led to the death of her son.


Kervin died on Sunday, December 4 at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra after being transferred from the Achimota Hospital, where he was admitted and was being treated for an undisclosed illness. According to his mother, Kervin had earlier in the week before his demise called and asked to be taken to the hospital because he felt unwell but was refused permission to leave school by his housemaster. She stated that she was called on the 2nd of December to the Achimota Hospital by the housemaster only to meet her son restless.


She disclosed that she was told her son had Malaria 3plus which hit his brain. Mrs. Ansong expressed utter dismay at the way her son was handled by the School and hospital authorities and has called for the closure of Achimota Senior High School, demanding full investigations into the cause of her son’s death.




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