If Your Abrokyire Girl Told You This, Then She’s Not Coming

It’s that season again! Abrokyire girls are coming and boys boys are trying their hardest to get noticed by the girls coming down, in hopes of scoring new sneakers, among other things. But somehow you feell you don’t need to do any of these things.
Ok, so you know this very fine girl coming from Abrokyire this December



You make plans to take her to Twist and Mint when she comes, you plan more chillops



She even asks you for your sneaker size, so you see that things are getting pretty serious



You start thinking of how you’re going to wear the Camboo she’s bringing, like



Then 3 days before she comes, she tells you she can’t come because it’s an election year and she’s scared of the war



But Ghana never experiences any war after elections…



Then it hit you, that she wasn’t coming this whole time, that she was just lying to you



Then you realise you’re going to be at Twist by yourself, drinking a glass of alcohol mixed with tears, trying to forget how you almost had a fine girl to flex with



Your friends too wont stop asking about her, but it’s your fault because you kept bragging about your “yankee” girl”



And the one you called a hater because he said she wasn’t coming keeps telling you “I told you so”



Stay Strong my brother, you’re not the only one this is going to happen to this December


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