If You Know Whats Good For You, Don’t Ask Your African Parents These Questions Anymore

At this point in our lives (If you’re old enough to read this article, then yeah, I’m talking to you) you should know exactly what questions to not ask your African parents anymore, because they are going to give you an answer that will make you wish you never asked the question.


Where should I put it?


Seriously, don’t ask this. You know they are going to say “Put it on my head” right? So why are you putting yourself in that kind of situation? Please,  Yusu Wadwen kakra


Can I go to the party?


What they hear “Can I go to this party and indulge In debauchery?” Even though it’s not far from the truth, why do you have to go and ask? You know the answer is going to be an obvious. Sneak out like the rest of us.


Can I bring this girl/boy over?


Speaking of sneaking, that will probably be a better option than going to ask this. Who do you think you are? Having female friends over and sh*t, even though you might not even do anything with them, mama and papa don’t care


How do i….


This one can go for everything, just make sure what you’re about to ask isn’t something you have asked before, because you go make busy pass


Can I change the channel?


How dare you want to change the channel when your father has it on GTV and is sleeping through the talking point? How dare you want to watch something else when the TV is busy not getting watched? Again, how dare you?



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