This Is Why The EC Hasn’t Announced The Final Results Of This Year’s Election

The whole country is still anxious because the EC is yet to come out with the final results from last Wednesday’s polls.

In a press conference held early on by the EC, Miss Charlotte Osei mentioned that the final results will be announced in 72 hours after elections.


Mrs Osei stated in a recent press conference that, the results have not been announced because the EC has received a total of 210 results from a total of 275. Which means there are about 65 more results for the EC to collate. 

For this matter, Ghanaians must stay calm and wait for the EC to receive all 275 pink sheets for assessing before the final declaration.

She stated that most of the remaining results will be received by the EC before the end of the day.

Mrs Osei also stated that it will be impossible for any political party to change the results coming in. 

She urged all to have patience and stay calm.



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