This Is Why You Might Not Find Your Name At Your Local Polling Station

The big day is finally here and most Ghanaians are expected to vote across the country. 

People started reporting to their various polling station as early as 2am this dawn. 


Voting started some few minutes ago and there has been a problem of people not finding their names at their local polling stations.

This is because the Electoral Commission has increased the total number of polling stations to about 29,000 centers.


The Electoral Commission said the decision to create more polling stations would reduce long queues and pressure during elections.

For this reason, most polling stations have been split into more than two centers. 

This was done alphabetically, so if your surname starts with an A or B, you are assured to maintain your old polling station. If not, you would be posted to a new polling station in the same area. 


To be sure on your polling station, Text your ID number to 6363


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