Most Popular Words/Catchphrases Of The Year


2016, like every other year on the internet, has had its fair share of new words, well, some aren’t exactly new, they just started getting used more regularly this year.




Business Mogul and rapper, Birdman, inadvertently used what would go on to become one of the most iconic words of the year “Respek” when he confronted breakfast club Co-host charlamagne for some things he had said in an earlier interview. Birdman ended his rant with “Put some respek” on my name and it was almost immediately picked up social media and turned into a thing. The word, and this meme would go on to be used in internet conversations for the rest of the year.




Originally, being Woke means being aware.. Knowing whats going on in the community

(Relating to Racism and Social Injustice etc), but it’s sometimes used loosely to tease know-it-alls or people who overthink certain situations.




It’s exactly what you think it is, a short form of the word sister, except, this time it’s used when girls agree with each other, or ar trying make a point when they are talking to each other. Eg

Girl A: “I need a well built faithful rich man”

Girl B: “SIS!!”

I hope you get the picture now.


Glazed donut: You think this is a glazed donut right?




When you see glazed donut online, it probably means this


Yes, this! A girl with beautifully blended highlight, so good that it glows like a…you know..glazed donut.




Usually used to register displeasure towards people or products, it is almost always used to qualify classlessness or low quality of a product. eg.

“That new Kendrick Lamar album is trash”




Finesse generally has to do with classiness and elegance, but now it can mean pretty much anything. From snatching someone’s boyfriend, to pressing L2 + shot when playing FIFA, its definitely one of the words that came to play this year.




Might be the short form of lituation, which might also be an inflected form of situation, either ways, it was arguably the most used word this year because it cuts across, can be used to describe any and everything. Eg

Guy A: “I’m going to set myself on fire”

Guy B: “Ohhh it’s lit”


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